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Mission Statement
The Wisdom Bridge Arts Project is a non-profit organization that brings high-quality arts programs to the art-starved youth and residents of the Rogers Park area. Our dedicated staff and volunteers seek to unify and empower this unique, culturally diverse community by providing a safe place for art experience and expression. Spanning music, visual, and performing arts, Wisdom Bridge brings a world of creativity to those who need it most. Our project succeeds as a collaboration between teachers, artists, activists, businesses, community leaders, and area residents who wish to usher a creative renaissance into Rogers Park.

Create History
Concerned members of the Rogers Park community formed a group in 2000 to create the Wisdom Bridge Arts Project and offer residents a cultural and creative forum.

Since then, the Wisdom Bridge Arts Project has helped the arts to flourish in Rogers Park. In 2001, the group hosted its first annual world music festival. A summer children’s theater camp made its debut in 2003, and a regularly rotating art gallery began showcasing in 2005.

Create Opportunity
Wisdom Bridge brings together children and adults in our neighborhood through community arts activities. Our theater, music, and visual arts programs open minds, broaden horizons, and foster growth and self-confidence. Our goal is to provide a full-service arts facility where
residents can cultivate and express their creativity in an environment that is supportive, stimulating, and safe.

Plans for the future center around the Wisdom Bridge Arts Center, which will open as an 11,000-square-foot space with performing arts space and classrooms available for community use.